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MoMeFra Productions, is the brainchild of three talented individuals whose friendship and unforeseen real life situation sparked a creative force that has produced a continuous and ever growing portfolio.


Comprising the literary and theatrical works of Jeffrey George Moline, John Meeks and Terrence Franklin, MoMeFra mixes together a diverse cultural, regional and social lifestyle that generates  dynamic and diverse personal experiences which allows these three to develop projects that are filled with humor, passion, and their obvious love for writing. The end results are heartfelt stories that depict true life situations, characters and emotions, all wrapped up in tales that will entertain the masses.


A Note On the Writer/Producer Biographies:


            MoMeFra Productions grew out of a unique collaboration among three friends, Jeffrey MOline, John MEeks, and Terrence FRAnklin.  Their remarkable bond is the source of tremendous creative energy and collaborative inspiration.  Instead of each writing their own biographies, they have written biographies of one another, starting from the personal narratives they each present to the world, but digging deeper to demonstrate how those narratives inspire others, and inform and infuse their collaborative work.




                Mo, singer, songwriter and short filmmaker.

                Mo, singer, songwriter and short filmmaker.

 Jeffrey has a keen ability to take negative circumstances and turn them into art - - art that touches hearts, transforms them and propels them to make positive change.

 A free-thinking wordsmith who was “run off” his family farm because of his sexual orientation, Jeffrey has appreciation for the good and bad that comes from every act, and that appreciation has allowed him to make peace with the people and circumstances that first brought him to Los Angeles in 1981.  His experiences have made him a fierce and passionate activist who despises inequality and prejudice.  He expresses his passion in many ways.  One day he’s a screenwriter, working on a project about the LGBT movement titled “SICK”, and the next he’s writing American Songbook and Country songs with a wit like you’ve never heard before.  He is a writer/director/producer who took advantage of a full scholarship to L.A. Film School, creating memorable short films that screened in film festivals all over the world.  He was an openly gay civil servant for the Department of Defense with 20 years of service who endured daily homophobia, but turned that poison into the medicine that produced a play titled IN THE FLESH.  Jeffrey faces the difficulties of life head on.  After a diagnosis of AIDS and with just two T-cells, Jeffrey told his doctor who had given him a few hours to live, “You don’t decide when I live and die.  I do.”  He has lived a healthy life despite the virus for more than 20 years.  Jeffrey has a special appreciation for his life and the people in it, and he attributes his appreciation to his Buddhist practice of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo with the SGI (Soka Gakkai International) an organization dedicated to world peace through individual happiness, and to his personal experience deflecting the impact of any abuse aimed at him.



JOHN MEEKS        

 John was born the day John F. Kennedy was buried, to a young heroin addict who named him after the slain president.  John is the adopted son of James and Mary Meeks and the younger brother to Gregory Meeks, Rosalyn Joseph, and Janella Meeks.  John also has a biological half-sister, Tonya, who was placed in a different home because DCS of New York would not place a white child into a black home.  He was fortunate to attend the famed NY HS of the Performing Arts and Carnegie-Mellon University.  John is a dedicated educator helping underserved youth unlock their potential through teaching theater for a Los Angeles-based after school program.  His work as an Event Coordinator for PAWS/LA (Pets Are Wonderful Support/Los Angeles) has helped people in need keep and care for their pets.  John is a natural storyteller with a deep love for film.  John is the author of “The Road To Freedom,” a story of how slaves freed themselves, an important history of the US that has not been told.  John co-wrote with JGM - -“Bessie! The Exploits Of An American Empress” a rollicking version of the life of Bessie Smith, “The Emperors Nightingale" where JGM and John were joined by John's friend and high school classmate, actress/singer/song writer Helen Slater, and now, SICK!  John’s sense that art can inform is fused with his sense of fun.  John is a loyal and true friend and his dogged persistence in bringing SICK! to the big screens.




Terrence (or Terry) is from the south side of Chicago, IL.  He is an alum of Whitney Young Magnet High School, Northwestern University, and Harvard Law School and is a founding partner of the law firm Sacks, Glazier, Franklin & Lodise, LLP.  As a child, his natural love of the arts was supported by his family, and especially by his mother who encouraged him to pursue his interest in dance and performance.  Family is important to Terry - - he can often be found in the audience at The Willows or LACHSA enjoying his daughters Hayleigh and Hannan in school plays and musical events.  Terrence came out in 2010 and the newfound acceptance of himself brought to surface his need to create fully and honestly.  Terrence is the author of “Desert Crimes”, a murder mystery novel set in the world of trust and estate law.  SICK! is his first screenplay.  The thriving law practice, active parenting responsibilities and the newly unleashed creative force are driven by a strong work ethic and quest for betterment in his blood dating back to when his 3X great grandmother Lucie, a slave freed by her dying master and life mate, who was the father of her eight children, made her way up the Mississippi River in 1846.  Terrence is loved by his friends and respected by his peers.